Conceived and written by the creators of the Speak Your Mind method, i-Speak my-Speak is a completely original English course for children aged 6 to 11. What makes it unique? No magic – but some of the main ingredients are:

Spontaneity + Structure: Rhythm + Repetition: Fun + Form.

Starting young can bring real advantages, this is especially true for pronunciation and for developing kids’ naturalness in speaking in another language – and these are two areas where i-Speak my-Speak really focuses.

Learning with i-Speak my-Speak is fun and intuitive and brings real results – even with one lesson a week. And when kids enjoy lessons and can see their progress they want to keep learning –month after month and year after year, speaking English will be natural for them.”

When setting out to develop this course we had two main questions: Will kids learn well? Will kids enjoy it? With good results and very enthusiastic responses over the two-year trial period we are convinced that the answer to these is a big ‘yes’. Actually there was another main question too: will it be interesting, rewarding and manageable for teachers? The answer, the teachers confirm, is ‘yes’ too.

i-Speak my-Speak provides a high-participation learning format. With plenty of variety and fun to keep kids motivated, at the same time there is a carefully designed development of vocabulary and structures that give kids a real grasp of the language and build a solid start for successful learning . Dialogues, chants, actions, creating visual and phonetic associations – the variety and focus of lessons assures constant attention and a rich learning environment.

Exclusively available at official Speak Your Mind Network schools