“Il materiale è scritto ed organizzato molto bene.
Aiuta a mantenere l’attenzione e la partecipazione a tutti i livelli.
In più c’è un tocco di umorismo che contribuisce a sfruttare al massimo la lezione.”

(Ian M. – insegnante, 20 anni esperienza)


Speak Your Mind is a ‘word-based’ teaching programme, so books do not follow the traditional ‘topic-based’ plan. Designed for clarity and focus on language-content, Speak Your Mind Student Books provide comprehensive explanations of vocabulary and grammar, and hundreds of reading samples and dialogues that give learners easy access to language in a wide range of contexts and styles (for examples of student books see below).

Speak Your Mind Student Books:

  • 2 audio CD’s (for around 150 minutes listening)
  • British English and American English
  • Over 600 clear, practical presentations and examples of new words
  • Hundreds of sample dialogues
  • Clear, level-based introduction of grammar
  • 60 exercises
  • Regular sections on pronunciation and stress
  • Focus on formal and informal styles

Please note that Speak Your Mind books are only available to students enrolled on courses at Speak Your Mind associate schools.
The recommended retail price for Speak Your Mind student 2014 is €26..

“Speak Your Mind is much more than a book because language is more than just ink. Some students read their books in their own time, others don’t, but all of them engage with and learn from their lessons at school, where the content comes to life. It is the lesson that gets the learning done and the book is a support to the lesson rather than the other way round. You might be struck by the simplicity of the book design but content and clarity are the core values.”




With around 700 new words, Speak Your Mind Units 5-6 gives learners the extra language and the extra confidence they need to move ahead from ‘elementary’. New grammar is introduced regularly and gradually to become a real ‘help’ when you speak (not just an extra problem!). New language covers a wide range of topics, making every lesson relevant and interesting.

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